AR/VR Developer & Software Engineer

AR/VR Developer & Software Engineer
Delivery Time: Up to 7 days
Design Proposals: 3
Max Revisions: 3
Service Includes: Commercial License, Multiple Revisions

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies playing a major role in the current software development field. The attractiveness and the user interactiveness of these apps could gather a huge number of users around these applications. But these technologies are still new to developers and currently, there are only a few developers for AR/VR development in the world.

I’m a Software engineer who has experience in AR/VR development for more than 5 years of experience. And I worked as an R&D engineer in the same area. Apart from the AR/VR development, I was a good resource at Game development projects. I have experiences with small scale projects and large scale R&D projects.

If you think to have any AR/VR solutions in your product or business. I will be the best option you have to choose. And if you looking for someone with good analytical skills and engineering skills for game development or any other project, I’ll be a good choice for you.


✔️ Expert in Augmented reality application development
✔️ I have experienced in system architecture designing with cutting edge technologies
✔️ Outstanding level ability to develop AR/VR applications with realtime user interactions
✔️ One of the top-level software engineers who have expert knowledge in Human-Computer Interaction


✔️ Hands-on interactive development of custom systems for all stages of development
✔️ Location-based Augmented reality
✔️ Fully interactive VR applications
✔️ Virtual walkthrough
✔️ Machine vision projects
✔️ Multiplayer/Real time Applications
✔️ Advance AR applications/ Systems architecture designing and development
✔️ Designing Human-Computer interfaces using psychological principals


✔️ Highly Qualified: With a Computer Science and Engineering DEGREE (With honours) in the TOP technical university of the whole country. I can ACHIEVE every programming aspect on behalf of the BEST PRACTICE.
✔️ Creativity: An individual with an artistic vision about everything which deeply required for AR/VR industry
✔️ Problem-solving: I have an outstanding ability to solve the technical problems occurring when designing or developing systems/software.
✔️ Client Satisfaction: I focus on supplying and adding VALUE for every client with earning their TRUST. I always need satisfaction with the work done.
✔️ Work Before Recognition: I need to gain TRUST and REPUTATION with only my WORK. So as my practice I focus on GIVING more than I expect to RECEIVE
✔️ Aloft Delivering: To achieve the requirements of any Client I know it is repeatedly communicating with the client. As a freelancer, I follow the satisfaction of the client with delivering HIGH quality and FASTER product with more REVISIONS.
✔️ Scalability and Flexibility: To attain multiple product strategies I am ready to complete any KIND of product with my full commitment.
✔️ Understanding: One of my most satisfying aspect of connecting with clients is understanding their requirements at all LEVELS.

💪I am very excited to work with you, to provide robust, reliable, consistent, and high-quality designs and development challenges. Please contact me on how we can go to fully SUCCEED your Business requirements!



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