Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Graphic Designer Graphic Designer Graphic Designer Graphic Designer
Delivery Time: Up to 7 days
Design Proposals: 3
Max Revisions: 3
Service Includes: Commercial License, Multiple Revisions

Born in Ostrów Wielkopolski, still lives in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland. Graphic designer. Since 1996 he is been carrying his own NEO Graphic Design Studio. He does commercial things such as 3D designing, photography, graphic designing, animation and other new forms of visual arts. Graduated from University of A. Mickiewicz in Poznań, Poland – Art and Educational Institute in 2000.
Experiments with the line strongly characterize Janusz’s works, that can be classified as generative art. The technique he uses is based on the merging of new technologies and procedural programming, it also contains vital elements of classical drawing. The first stage in creating this type of graphics is writing the code which helps the computer generate spatial forms. Then, using the skills of drawing and sculpting, the artist gives them shapes inspired by the human body. Human body was followed by other subjects.

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