Strategist & Business Architect

Strategist & Business Architect Strategist & Business Architect Strategist & Business Architect Strategist & Business Architect Strategist & Business Architect Strategist & Business Architect
Delivery Time: Up to 7 days
Design Proposals: 3
Max Revisions: 3
Service Includes: Commercial License, Multiple Revisions

Technology supports your business. Technology may even drive your business. But your business is intensely personal for you, and you want a consultant who believes in you and your unique business.

Management consultants are not rare, but they are not cheap either. Whether you are looking for someone to help you stand up your business, transform your business, or advance your business vision, you want the kind of consultant who can do more than just apply existing solutions. You want someone who can inspire innovative thinking and apply proven tools. You need someone who can come alongside you for a time with positive thinking and effective challenge, then leave behind sustainable tools and techniques to fulfill your vision.

Let’s talk tools. I bring a host of proven tools and techniques like value proposition modeling and refinement, business modeling and market testing, strategy formulation and planning, OGSM and OKR tools, and Monte-Carlo tools. I can help with organization design and contingency planning. I have deep expertise in process and operational impact assessment. But there is something that all these tools together miss.

Visioning. Visioning is more than a roadmap or balanced scorecard. Visioning if first visual. It is colorful, expressive, graphical, and often raw. It is the way we think and the way we get others to “see” what we’re thinking. It is easy to get people to march to the promised land if they get a picture of it in their heads. When they want the same vision you do, the roadmap becomes an efficiency tool more than a change management tool. I bring graphics to your visioning.

I focus on one client at a time and give them my undivided attention. That means my calendar gets filled and blocked, so reach out to me early to ensure availability.

I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together!

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