Art Director & 3D Artist

Art Director & 3D Artist Art Director & 3D Artist Art Director & 3D Artist Art Director & 3D Artist Art Director & 3D Artist Art Director & 3D Artist
Delivery Time: Up to 7 days
Design Proposals: 3
Max Revisions: 3
Service Includes: Commercial License, Multiple Revisions

Licensed architect, creative director, and senior 3D artist with strong transdisciplinary experience in producing high-end design and CGI content for industries as diverse as:

-Architecture and interior design
-Product design
-Marketing and eCommerce
-Video games and card games
-Crypto art and NFT

My career spans 10 years of individual and collective work (with my studio), having collaborated with clients that include:

-Clinique, Pandora, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Nike, Puma, Columbia, Nissan, Volkswagen, Jeep, Bose, Westinghouse, Kitchen Aid and other top brands.
-Startup companies launching their product lines.
-Sellers from eCommerce platforms like Amazon.
-Indie video game studios outsourcing concept design for characters and environment.
-Companies seeking product catalog digitalization for AR/VR use and other online platforms
-Innovators in need of all kinds of artwork to breathe life into their NFT project ideas (aligning with a deep interest to be at the forefront of the creative unfolding of the metaverse)

In addition, being an experienced architect offers me the advantage of possessing well-rounded and ready-to-use skills for any creative, design-based venture, including:

-Abstract and design thinking
-Visual planning, organization and technical skills
-Excellent aesthetic judgement
-Strong understanding of composition and attention to detail
-Familiarity with physical properties of light and materials
-Project management and problem solving
-Communication and team coordination
-Adaptability and flexibility

Ultimately, I think I am just a creative polymath restlessly pushing boundaries and exploring unknown domains that potentially lead to whole new ways of experiencing life and inspiring beauty.

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