VR Developer, Consultant & 360 Video Post-Production Expert

VR Developer, Consultant & 360 Video Post-Production Expert VR Developer, Consultant & 360 Video Post-Production Expert VR Developer, Consultant & 360 Video Post-Production Expert
Delivery Time: Up to 7 days
Design Proposals: 3
Max Revisions: 3
Service Includes: Commercial License, Multiple Revisions

I produce VR apps for any purpose. 5+ years in the industry. I can prove that building a VR app, from scratch to the final product, can be cost-efficient. Also, I do tutoring and consultation in this field. Master’s degree in IT & Design. My background includes cinematic-level post-production of 360° videos as well as creating them from scratch.

✅ My key skills:

– VR-oriented UI/UX design, product vision
– Cross-platform development using Unity Engine
– 4 types of VR glasses in-house – Oculus Quest 2 & Rift, HTС Vive, Pico G2 4K
– VR apps prototyping
– VR-related consultation
– R&D project management
– Visual effects for VR
– Cinematic-level 360° video post-production
– Advanced video encoding algorithms
– Web VR video streaming

I was lucky to work on dozens of exciting projects for famous companies all around the world, such as Oculus, Hulu, RYOT, Engie, Minelli, Philip Morris, etc.

💼 My portfolio contains:

– Promotions
– Interactive VR tours with non-linear storytelling and quizzes
– Education
– Healthcare
– Therapy and recreation
– Real estate (ArchViz)
– Award-wining works

I’m not an agency, but I know several freelance colleagues – highly skilled VR developers and designers. We work together on big and complicated projects to get the work done in time and maintain the highest production quality.

More about my services:

▶ Interactive VR apps (consultation, prototyping, developing)

I help startups, brands and digital agencies reach their goals in a completely new, ground-breaking way. I can help you to build POC/MVP if you have an idea in the VR field, or if you want to train staff in an immersive way, present a new good or service, sell real estate property, and in many other cases. I know what your target audience desires and help convey the idea and emotion with the help of the latest technologies.

I’m always interested in getting familiar with every significant tech in my industry, so I can save your time and money by advising you on how to get the best result with the minimum effort in any project in the VR area.

▶ 360° video post-production and cinematic VFX

I help video studios by taking the most challenging tasks in immersive video post-production and creating top-notch photorealistic VR videos.

– Truly seamless 2D/3D 360° video stitching up to 16K (Mistika VR)
– Repairing parallax issues and removing Optical Flow artifacts
– Cleaning up unwanted objects like dolly, RC-car or drone (Mocha Pro)
– Integrating 2D and 3D animation or creating fully CG virtual worlds
– Spatial (ambisonic) sound mixing

👨‍💼 BIO:

Passionate about tech since childhood, in love with VR since 2015 when I experienced it for the first time. With a VFX background, it became a new challenge for me to learn how to create 360° videos. Of course, in a little while, I could not pass by the world of interactivity. I learned how to manage VR users’ attention and evoke wow-effects by placing them in virtual worlds they could never experience before.

💻 Software experience




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